EAT = HUNGRY for success your own success not someone else's idea of SUCCESS.
PRAY = Inspiring people to focus on and accomplish their DREAMS.
MAUI = Escape the everyday and "Live the island LIFE!
Are you hungry – for success, for achievement, for something more? Are you inspired? Do you clearly visualize your dreams and goals; do you know what steps you need to take to accomplish them? And finally, do you celebrate Maui and its gifts: the sun, the trade winds, the fertile soil, the lush rainforests, the abundant waterfalls, the mystical crater, and of course, the ever-present ocean?
Eat Pray Maui is your reminder to stay focused on your own potential to transform yourself and your life, while recognizing and celebrating the beauty all around you.
Here at Eat Pray Maui, we are celebrating our very first anniversary! Our signature trucker hats were launched on June 29, 2016, and have been celebrated by Maui residents, visitors, and celebrities alike!
Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Rachel Hunter dons her Eat Pray Maui hat with her signature beauty…

Jason Stone, the “Millionaire Mentor”, and his lovely wife Cristi are both big fans!

Happy (expecting!) couple from The Bachelor, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert:

We are honored and thrilled to be supported by these recognizable faces!


But we are more than just a cute logo. For every purchase, Eat Pray Maui donates $1 to Kiva, one of the most innovative and effective organizations assisting people worldwide. By providing “microloans” ($25-$500) to individuals with original and creative business ideas but lacking in capital, Kiva offers a launching point for hard-working, dedicated people. And by donating from YOUR purchases, together we are able to support Kiva, who have assisted entrepreneurs in over 80 countries.
Thank you for helping provide bright futures for so many people across the globe!
Stay tuned for new additions to our product line (think tank tops!), and be sure to check out our youth hats and tote bags.
Thank you for your support. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share the magic of Maui with the rest of the world!




August 02, 2017 — JACQUES THURMAN

Four Questions with Jacques Thurman, Founder of EAT PRAY MAUI

1. What is the meaning behind EAT PRAY MAUI?

EAT implies you're hungry. I want to encourage people to be hungry for success your own success not someone else's idea of success.

PRAY is my way of inspiring people to focus on and accomplish their dreams.

MAUI is a reminder of the beautiful place we are, and an invitation for our friends to "Live the island Life"

June 05, 2017 — JACQUES THURMAN